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Beer Mala Vida 33 Cl

BEER "Mala Vida"

Bodega Premium Beers & Bodegas Arraez
Format 0.33 l.
Alcoholic degree 10%
Ale Wood Age Style

Mala Vida Premium Beer 0.33l. It is a 100% NATURAL product, without preservatives or colorants. VIVA beer with a WINE soul
Vista It is a beer somewhere between blonde and toast, with a value of 38 according to the EBC scale. Dense and creamy head, with body, very persistent, very fine bubbles and ivory white color.
Smell Rounded wood nuance on the nose with caramel and freshly cut grass. Soft carbonic that invites a long drink, since, despite its 10 degrees, it is zero alcoholic in the mouth, does not cloak and encourages you not to stop drinking.
Palate In the mouth it is wide sweet, with notes of caramel syrup and Maria biscuit. A beer full of nuances and with a perfect alcoholic balance.
Serving temperature 6ºC


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