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Varona Vella FARGA Oil 250 ml

FARGA - AOVE "Finca Varona la Vella"

Origin: Sant Mateu - Castellón
Net Content: 0,25 Liters
Packaging: Can

Extra virgin olive oil from centenary and millenary olive trees of the FARGA variety located on a family farm.

It is an oil that is characterized by its power in the mouth, balance and richness in fresh notes.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil monovarietal Farga

Own harvest
Early harvest
Cold Extraction
Acidity 0.16%
Peroxide value: 7.0 - meq O2 / Kg - K270: 0.19

Tasting Notes: Intense green fruity profile, with ripe touches and rich in secondary aromas. On the palate it is spicy, powerful bitter, with an evident sweetness and a clear astringency on the palate. Secondary aromas of a vegetable type, with clear connotations of cut grass and horticultural plants such as artichoke and tomato, hints of green banana and almond. The whole is intense, rich and balanced in the nose / mouth relationship.

Pairing: Excellent for vegetables, salads, legumes and white meats.


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